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High Security Locks – When Standard is NOT Enough!

High-security locks are designed to provide enhanced protection against unauthorized access, manipulation, and forced entry. These locks are often used when standard locks may be insufficient to meet the security requirements. Here are some features and scenarios that define high-security locks and when they are needed: Features of High-Security Locks: Advanced Key Control: High-security locks employ…

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Get Bluetooth Keypad Locks and Say Goodbye to Keys!

Bluetooth keypad locks are electronic door locks that incorporate Bluetooth technology and a numeric keypad for keyless entry. These locks are commonly used in residential and commercial settings to provide a convenient and secure way to access a property without needing traditional keys. Here are some key features and benefits of Bluetooth keypad locks: Keyless…

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Multipoint Locks – Hoppe , Pella, Anderson – 3 Point Locks

Multipoint or three-point locks are advanced locking systems commonly used for patio, entry, and French doors. Brands like Hoppe, Pella, and Anderson are well-known for offering doors with multipoint locking systems. Here’s an overview of what multipoint locks are and how they work: Multipoint Locks: Definition: Multipoint locks engage at multiple points along the door,…

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D&L Lock & Door, established in 2023 leverages over 40 years of experience to serve diverse residential, business ,and commercial clients throughout Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. Our technicians are fully experienced in all of your locksmith needs, bringing excellence to their work.

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